Types of olive trees and their cultivation

20.04.2024 | Категория: Полезные статьи

Olive trees, symbolizing peace and fertility, are not only a source of valuable fruits, but also decorate many gardens and landscapes. Their exquisite appearance and unique characteristics make them attractive for cultivation in both Mediterranean regions and more temperate climates.

Types of olive trees

The most common species found in the Mediterranean is olea europaea kopen. Its fruit is used to extract olive oil, and its beautiful shape and silvery leaves make it an excellent landscape design element. Another popular species is the Cape olive tree. This type of olive tree originates from South Africa. It has beautiful reddish shoots and aromatic fruits that can also be used to make oil.
The golden leaf olive tree stands out for its golden leaves which give the plant a vibrant and attractive appearance. It is ideal for decorating gardens and parks.


Olive trees prefer warm and sunny climates. They grow well in regions with mild winters and warm summers. Olive trees prefer well-drained soils and do not tolerate stagnant moisture. Therefore, it is important to ensure a good drainage system and avoid waterlogging of the soil. Regular feeding of olive trees with organic and mineral fertilizers promotes their healthy growth and development. Regular pruning helps to form a beautiful crown and stimulates fruiting.

The variety of species and ease of care make this tree an attractive choice for cultivation, both for fruit production and as an ornamental plant. If you follow these rules, you can grow this plant yourself and enjoy its exquisite appearance for many years.